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The Best Tablet With A Stylus Pen: Top 7 picks

Which is the best tablet with a stylus? In this article, we researched and tested the best tablets from Windows, Apple iPad, and Android to come up with an all-around list of the tablets that are compatible with a Pen.

Samsung Tablets with their standard S-Pen and Microsoft Surface Pro, were the first brands of tablets that popularized stylus pens as tablet accessories.

In recent years, almost all tablet brands including iPads come with stylus pen support. However, some like Samsung tablets come with free stylus pens on purchase while some like iPads, require you to buy the pen separately.

iPads are a little complicated compared to other brands when it comes to stylus pen compatibility. When buying an iPad, you need to make sure that the pen you buy is compatible with your iPad.

2 pencil versions for iPads are the Apple Pencil 1st generation and the Apple Pencil 2nd generation. 

Each of the pencils is compatible with specific iPads and not others. Make sure your iPad is compatible with your pencil before you buy to avoid issues.

Best Tablets With Stylus Pens

  1. Apple iPad Pro – Best overall
  2. Samsung Galaxy S8 UltraBest Android Tablet with a Pen
  3. Microsoft Surface Pro 9 – Windows Tablet with Stylus
  4. Apple iPad Mini – Best 8-inch tablet with stylus
  5. Lenovo Tab P11 Pro Gen 2
  6. Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE – Best Budget tablet with Stylus
  7. XP Pen Magic Drawing Pad: best tablet for drawing with pen

Apple iPad Pro – Best overall Tablet With A Stylus

  • Front and Rear camera: 12 MP
  • Screen size: 12.9-inch
  • Resolution: 2048 x 2732 pixels
  • OS: iPadOS 16.1
  • Processor: Apple M2 chip
  • Storage: 128 GB to 2 TB

Apple iPad Pro is the best tablet that has been made so far. It is compatible with the newest Apple Pencil Second generation.

Apple iPad Pro comes in 2 versions, either the new larger 12.9-inch screen size or the smaller 11-inch size. 

Both feature a high-resolution bright display with liquid retina technology that is both crisp and clear.

The bright 1000 to 1600 nits brightness levels screen and 120 Hz refresh rate screen display, will interact with the Apple Pencil 2’s high sensitivity and pressure levels for a great drawing experience.

Apple M2 processor and 8 to 16 GB RAM ensure fast processing and minimal lags even when running complex programs.

To save your files, you have 128 GB to 2 TB to save your files. This is more than you need for most professional tasks including photography and videography.

The camera is great and allows you to shoot 4k videos and high-resolution still photos on the 12 MP front and rear cameras. Apple iPad Pro features unique facial ID recognition for your security.

Apple iPad Pro is not a budget tablet. It is very expensive compared to other tablets in this list. Additionally, it does not come with the Apple Pencil 2. This means that you will have to buy the Pencil separately which adds to the price. You will however not regret getting the iPad Pro thanks to the overall power and premium features.

Microsoft Surface Pro 9: Windows Tablet With a stylus pen

  • Screen size: 13 Inches
  • Resolution: 2880×1920 pixels
  • OS: Windows 11
  • Processor:  Intel Core i5-1235U
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • Storage: 512 GB

If you prefer a Windows tablet with a Stylus, Microsoft Surface Pro 9 is the latest and best Windows tablet.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 9 stands as the pinnacle among Windows tablets, offering a seamless blend of innovation and performance. 

It comes with a large 13-inch display screen similar to the iPad Pro and with an impressive 2880×1920 pixels resolution. The view is clear and crisp displaying images in rich and vivid colors.

For processing power, it runs on a powerful Intel 12th Gen Intel Core i7 Fast Processor, plus options of up to 32 GB RAM and 1 TB storage. These specs are powerful and reliable and will be perfect for professional tasks with minimal lags.

It comes with a professional  Pro Pen 2, which is precise and comfortable even for drawing and note-taking.

Microsoft Surface Pro 9’s compatibility with a keyboard makes it the best laptop alternative tablet or 2-1 laptop tablet. 

Apple iPad Mini

  • Screen size: 8.3-inch
  • Resolution: 2266 x 1488 Pixel pixels
  • Pencil: Apple Pencil 2
  • Processor: Apple A15 processor
  • Storage: 64 GB to 256 GB

The Apple iPad Mini emerges as the leading choice among 8-inch tablets, especially for those seeking a device equipped with the Apple Pencil 2. 

Its compact size reminiscent of a small notebook makes it incredibly convenient and lightweight, ideal for tasks like handwriting and note-taking.

The vibrant 8-inch screen, similar to the iPad Air, offers 500 nits of brightness, ensuring excellent display quality for both indoors and outdoors. 

It is powered by the Apple A15 processor, and while slightly less powerful than the M1, it outpaces the majority of Android tablets in performance. Encased in a premium metal body weighing under 300g, it includes features such as Touch ID, a USB-C port, two quality stereo speakers, and capable cameras. 

Although it exhibits a slight rolling shutter effect when scrolling in portrait mode, notably in web browsing, its overall superiority in its category remains unchallenged. 

As a great option for budding digital artists, the iPad Mini, available in 8.3-inch size, rivals the iPad Air in portability. 

Despite being one of the more affordable choices compatible with the Apple Pencil 2 (sold separately), it packs a punch with the powerful A15 processor and storage options ranging from 64 GB to 256 GB, making it an excellent investment for various creative and everyday needs.

Lenovo Tab P11 Pro Gen 2

  • Screen size: 11.2-inch
  • Resolution: 2560 x 1536 pixels
  • OS: Android 12
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • Processor: MediaTek Kompanio 1300T
  • Storage: 128 GB

The Lenovo Tab P11 Pro Gen 2 is a strong competitor against the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8. It has an 11.2-inch screen like the Tab S8, but what sets it apart is its rare OLED display that gives rich, deep colors for an impressive visual experience. 

The Lenovo Tab P11 Pro Gen 2 features screen is excellent, featuring a high resolution of 2560 x 1536 pixels, supports a smooth 120 Hz refresh rate, and HDR 10+, putting it in the top league. 

This tablet comes with Lenovo’s Precision Pen 3 stylus, offering a good writing experience and charging through induction, similar to more expensive options like Samsung’s S Pen or Apple’s Pencil 2. 

While its MediaTek Kompanio 1300T processor isn’t as powerful as Samsung’s, it manages games like PUBG Mobile and multitasking with apps such as Adobe Lightroom, though at slightly lower settings.

 It launched with Android 12 and promises updates to Android 13 and 14, which is great. Its pen features aren’t as extensive as Samsung’s, but for its price, the Tab P11 Pro Gen 2 delivers a solid stylus experience, making it a noteworthy choice among Lenovo’s tablets.

 Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE

  • Screen size: 12.4-inch
  • Resolution: 2560 x 1600 Pixels
  • OS: Android 11
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Processor: Qualcomm SM7225 Octa-Core processor
  • Storage: 64 GB

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE is a budget option in comparison to its pricier competitors like the Galaxy Tab S8+ and Lenovo Tab P12 Pro

It presents a pocket-friendly alternative to the Apple iPad Pro’s 12.9-inch and iPad Mini models. First, it has a 12.4-inch screen, with a standard 60Hz LCD, which ensures a commendable visual performance. 

Just like other Samsung Tablets, the S Pen comes as a bundled inclusion, mirroring its functionality from the Galaxy Tab S8+, though it lacks charging capabilities for remote PowerPoint use. 

Despite this, it seamlessly integrates within Samsung’s suite, collaborating flawlessly with apps such as Samsung Notes and Air Commands. 

While the tablet features a robust metal body, it skips some of the S8+’s features like a fingerprint scanner, opting for two speakers instead of four and housing relatively weaker cameras. 

However, it continues the legacy of supporting outstanding keyboard covers. Despite a slightly subdued performance, it adeptly manages most applications, especially with the support of the Samsung DeX desktop mode. 

Sporting a Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G processor in the WiFi version and a Snapdragon 750G chipset in the 5G variant, it offers substantial power surpassing entry-level tablets.

Overall, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE stands as a frugal yet capable contender within the mid-range tablet segment, catering to diverse everyday tasks while aligning seamlessly with Samsung’s ecosystem.

XP Pen Magic Drawing Pad: best tablet for drawing with pen

  • Screen size: 12.2 Inches
  • Resolution: 2160 by 1440 Pixels
  • Color Gamut: 109% sRGB 
  • OS: Android 12
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • Processor:  8-core MT8771
  • GPU: ARM G57 MC2
  • Storage: 256 GB expandable up to 512 GB using a micro SD card
  • Pen Pressure: 16K Pressure Sensitive Stylus
  • Battery Life: 13 hour

XP Pen Magic Drawing Pad is the best tablet for drawing with pen. It is the only XP Pen Tablet that does not need a computer connected to use. It comes with a large 12.2 Inches screen with 2160 by 1440 Pixels resolution.

The screen features a wide color Gamut up to 109% sRGB, that ensures accurate color display. A powerful stylus pen interact with the large display to create fine strokes thanks to the 16K Pressure Sensitivity on the pen.

You will not have to charge the pen as it is battery free and charges using EMR tech or Electromagnetic Resonance technology. To process your work, you will have a powerful 8-core MT8771, 8 GB RAM and an ARM G57 MC2 graphic processor.

To save your files, the XP Pen Magic Drawing Pad comes with 256 GB storage space but is expandable up to 512 GB using an external micro SD card. You will however have to buy it separately.

All these factors together with a light 599 grams weight and 13 hours battery life ensures easy portability even out of office. Overall, this is a decent standalone tablet that you will not regret buying.

On purchase, you will get a free drawing Glove, Replacement Nib, Stylus Pen, an AC Adapter and an easy Quick Start Guide.


  • Long battery Life
  • No computer needed
  • Powerful processor and RAM
  • Large screen with high 2160 by 1440 Pixels resolution.
  • Battery free stylus with EMR charging technology


  1. Can you use a stylus on any tablet?

    No. Not all tablets have stylus support. Some are inaccurate when connected to a pen. Standard tablets with pen support have palm rejection technology where they will ignore your palm when placed on the screen. Non-compatible tablets lack this important feature, which can influence your user experience.

  2. Do all Samsung Tablets have an S Pen?

    Most Samsung tablets come with a standard S Pen. However, not all of them come with one. Below is a list of Samsung tablets that come with an S Pen. Galaxy Tab S8 series, that is S8, S8+, and s8 Ultra. Galaxy Tab S7 and S7+, Galaxy Tab S6 and S6 Lite, Galaxy Tab Active 3, Galaxy Tab S4, and Galaxy Tab A SM-P200/205.