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What is the Best tablet for OSU? (Plus Buying Guide)

After playing OSU for a while now and interacting with pro players, you have noticed that most of them prefer using the Best tablet for OSU to increase their speed and accuracy.

It is obvious that without one, you can not compete at the same level as they do. When you start searching, you will notice that the tablet market is flooded with very many brands making it very hard to choose the ideal one.

This article comes in to cut all the unnecessary information and provide the most important tablet requirements that you need to check. We also created a list of the best OSU tablets that you can buy even when on a budget.

The Best OSU tablets that you can buy

  1. Wacom CTL4100 Intuos: Best overall
  2. Huion H420 The Cheapest OSU tablet
  3. GAOMON S620 Best value for money OSU tablet
  4. XP Pen Star G640 super-thin tablet for OSU
  5. VEIKK S640 Best Alternative OSU Tablet

Wacom CTL4100 Intuos – The Best Tablet for OSU

Active area: 6.0 x 3.7 inches
Distance: 7 mm
Lag: Good
Stylus Pen: Battery-Free
Color: Black, Pistachio

To begin his review is the Wacom CTL4100 Intuos. It is not just like any other Wacom. It is the best tablet for OSU currently. Wacom CTL4100 Intuos stands out in this category because of its excellent response rate together as well as the response rate.

As part of the OSU experience is making the most out of it, and a laggy pen is not one of them. This tablet does away with a laggy pen and the bad vibes it comes with.

Data is transferred within seconds. In line with this is the external sturdy external material. Making it last long. In addition to the make is protective cover the screen. It is scratch-free and while fitted it looks new..

The active area is 6×3.7” for the smaller size. You can check out the medium size if you would like to go bigger. Its active area measures 8×5.3”.

This Wacom with a variety of features to choose from. It offers both wireless and wired versions. However, if you do not want any lags while playing OSU, pick the wired option.

The bottom line about this tablet is the versatility it offers when used for graphic design or as a partner while kicking ass on OSU. It offers more than you need in an OSU tablet.


  • No lags
  • Responsive screen
  • Scratch-resistant exterior


  • The pen nib wears out quite fast
  • It is pricy

Huion H420: The Cheapest OSU tablet

Working area: 4.17 x 2.23 inches
Distance: 6 mm
Lag Resistance : Decent (better with Hawku driver)
Stylus Pen: Battery-Powered
Color: Black

The Huion 420 is the cheapest tablet in this category for OSU. For starters, it is an excellent tablet. As an older tablet, the Huion h420 features older generation features. The stylus needs charging after use. It might be an inconvenience in case you need to use it for long.

The rechargeable battery also makes the stylus heavier. In comparison to the latest tablets, its latency is lower. Some gamers highly recommend that one installs the hawku tablet drivers as this will increase the Huion H420 response time. As well as bring out their potential.

The overall exterior built of the Huion H420 isn’t as great and that is why it is the most affordable. What this tablet offers is just fine, as some tablets that offer as much in the market are pricier.

It features 3 express keys, that are usable for OSU as well as for graphic designing. The keys come in handy, as you play OSU or while you draw.


  • Features 3 express keys
  • Great built quality
  • Compatibility with numerous designing software
  • Slim, light, and portable


  • Unsuitable for left-hand users
  • The cd drivers aren’t usable

GAOMON S620: Best value for money OSU tablet

  • Size 6.5 by 4 inches
  • Stylus Type: Battery-free AP32
  • Pen pressure sensitivity: 8192
  • Pen resolution: 5080 lines per inch
  • Report rate: 266 Rps
  • Compatibility: Windows, MacOS, and Android OS

GAOMON S620, comes in as a preferable choice for OSU and for artistry too. First, it is quite an attractive overall design, and order buttons o the top left of the tablet. In line with that are limited bezels on all sides.

The design is a perfect balance of weight and width. It is neither heavy nor extra long. Secondly, the pen offers a better grip due to the plastic texturing on the surface. It makes it easier to use.

Best tablet for OSU

Similar to other tablets, the surface has small dots, that mark the active working area, you cannot miss them. The tracking area measures 4×6.5”. It comes in a single size.

Beneath the tablet, are 4 rubber pads that hold the tablet on the surfaces. The rubber pads also ensure the tablet remains stable.

In addition, it is packed with free drivers. The drivers are compatible with Android, macOS, and windows.


  • Good built quality
  •  Packaged with accessories
  • Features customizable keys
  • It has a medium-sized active drawing area


  • Stylus lacks rubber/eraser
  • Pen lacks tilt function


XP Pen Star G640: slim tablet for OSU

When you see thin, what comes to mind? Has the company done away with some features to keep a device thin? Unfortunately for XP pen Star G640, this is the definition for thin. Thin comes with comfort.

The active tracking area is 6×4”, suitable for playing for OSU as well as for drawing. The USB connection port is located at the right top. You can use it to charger transfer data.

The market has a variety of cheaper options, however, these tablets blend in price and have perfect features. That blending, make it a suitable tablet for OSU beginner players.

It includes a stylus, whose tracking speed is on another level reported as 266RPS. Additionally, it offers pressure levels of up to 8192. It comes in handy for graphic design as well as creating custom skins on OSU.

The stylus is light in weight and battery-free making it a suitable partner during long OSU sessions.


  • Best pen response rate
  • Easy to carry around


  • Unsuitable for dragging

VEIKK S640: Best Alternative OSU Tablet

A perfect alternative to the likes of Huion and Wacom tablets due to its incredible features. A low-budget alternative.

It is a small, thin, and light in weight drawing graphics tablet. At a slightly low budget, you will get a pen with pressure levels of 8192. It fits as a drawing tablet as well as an OSU tablet. Uniquely it can also be used for writing.

It is not a standalone tablet, therefore it requires a connection to an external computer. Works perfectly on popular operating systems.

The active drawing area is mapped using a rectangular shape around the screen. The rectangular demarcation is clear for one to miss out. As a player, it shows how far your drag or hover can go.

The battery is held within the well-built exterior by the thicker part of the tablet. In line with that, the thicker section also holds the pen, preventing it from falling.

Its pen is light in weight, and its barrel can only be found in more expensive tablets. Its grip is natural, making it comfortable to use. Veikk S640 responsive is at 230 pps.

It has anti-slippery property at the back. This prevents possible slip-offs. In reference to the OSU game. It is recommended to use the tablet, as with the click of buttons you can make a musical beat map. Although the driver settings are not customized for OSU it offers other incredible features. Such as superb accuracy, perfect size, and weightlessness.


  • Light in weight
  • Affordable
  • Works perfectly
  • Easy to use
  • Compatible with multiple software


  • Lacks express keys
  • Not standalone

Let us wrap this conversation by tackling the frequently asked questions in reference best   OSU tablets. Depending on the main purpose of the tablet check out the quality before making that purchase.

What you need to know when choosing the Best tablet for OSU

First, to get working with OSU, you need an incredible tablet at hand. However, you need to choose the kind of tablet you need. Here is what you need to look out for:

Absolute tracking

It is a game of speed, that requires fast movements. Like your mouse has to move pretty fast in the direction of the patterns. If winning is in your blood.

Active playing area

For the first time, small is better for this feature. The reason is, that the smaller the space at which the arm moves the faster you play and the higher points gained. On the other side, a larger surface area with an excellent resolution is highly recommended for tight corners.

Smaller guarantees speed, bigger assures accuracy. A medium-sized area, combine both accuracy and speed. Which makes a medium active playing area suitable for OSU.

Parallax and Responsiveness

Parallax is the clarity between the pen and the drawing area. With OSU, accuracy is key, if one has to perform beyond limits. Some tablets, do away with some milliseconds in regards to response time.

Minimal parallax means the cursor is 100% accurate. Cheaper tablets call for adjustment if you would want to achieve accurate precision. Expensive drawing tablets have larger surface areas, with lower parallax thus easy to win. The downside of this is the lack of enough wiggle room.

Build quality

Drawing tablets vary in terms of their exterior build. Varies from low to high quality in terms of the budget. Excellent built, in terms of the construction and material, may give a sneak peek of how the tablet is.

If it’s a strong build, then the internals of the tablets must also be strong for their task. The exterior goes hand in hand with the interiors towards the overall functioning of the drawing tablet.


Are you getting this tablet specifically for OSU or you’d want to use it for other tasks? If so, you need to check out on multi-functionality aspects of the tablet.

How to play oSU

First, this is easy to learn how to play the game. That entirely depends on perfect eye-hand coordination. As well as your wrists as they move up with speed. It is a fun but dumb game however once you begin you will love the game.

While playing, you have to track an onscreen target using a trackpad or mouse and pres them within the time limits of the prompt music.

The music prompts and some complex patterns appear. The patterns appear as a point of hits, spinners spinning, and lines to trace among others.

An optional tutorial is on the board and is available for new learners to catch up with the basics of the game. Playing is all about, clicking, dragging holding the mouse from one end to the other of the slider.

As part of the playing, some sliders move back and forth severally. circles appear, and some arrows will prompt you in the direction to follow.

Notice the leaderboards at the game’s top display. Leader boards, show the ranks of the current players. Performance merit is are based on play count.

Players must click, hold, and drag the mouse from one end of the slider to the other to complete it. Following the directions marked by arrows. To succeed you must follow the prompted direction. OSU is a single-player game that takes between 1-and 5 minutes of playtime for a round of the game.

5 Top OSU tablets List For You

  1. Wacom CTL4100 Intuos: Best overall
  2. Huion H420 The Cheapest OSU tablet
  3. GAOMON S620 Best value for money OSU tablet
  4. XP Pen Star G640 super-thin tablet for OSU
  5. VEIKK S640 Best Alternative OSU Tablet

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is the Best tablet for OSU worth it?

    An OSU tablet is worth every single cent spent on it, especially If you are a pro at OSU. Using a pen, you will win more. It allows getting to the highest marks on the leader board. It is effective.

  2. How much does the Best OSU tablet cost?

    Regular OSU tablets retail between 20-30$ on Amazon. The higher the features, the pricier it gets. For instance, a tablet that cost around 100$ will feature: a larger active area, has wireless properties, bells, whistles, higher resolution as well a battery-free pen among other premium qualities.

  3. Is it possible to use OSU tablet in  drawing?

    OSU can be played on any device as long as it is compatible. That means these tablets mentioned can play OSU and play other functions. Because they are not created specifically for OSU. Do not hesitate to switch gears as you as you are done drawing to take a break while playing OSU on your tablet.

  4. What is OSU?

    OSU is a rhythmic action-packed game. Similar to the elite beat agents games, OSU is an e-sport with players aiming at getting higher scores to beat others. It was originally released for PC however over time it has been designed for iOS as well as android. It begins with a simple challenge, however, as the speed of the music increases, it gets more complicated.