Best Samsung Laptops for Graphic Designers in 2023

If you are looking to buy the best Samsung laptops for Graphic Design in 2022, this article will help you. To help you choose the one that suits your taste, we are going to look at some of the factors that you need to know about a graphic design Laptop before you make your purchase.

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When you consider Samsung you think that of the phone or TV first and therefore the one gadget which will not inherit your mind is that the laptop but the Korean manufacturer is making strides to change that and is now offering a variety of Windows and chrome OS options.

Best Samsung Laptops For Graphic Designers List

  1. Samsung Galaxy Book Flex 13 inch
  2. Samsung Chromebook 4 Best Budget Samsung Laptop
  3. Samsung Galaxy Go Best Beginner
  4. Samsung Notebook 9 Pen Best with Stylus
  5. Samsung Galaxy Book Pro Best Samsung all-round laptop

Samsung Laptops Review

Samsung Galaxy Book Flex 13 inch

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Samsung Galaxy flex is one of the most compact and ultra -portable laptops out in the market. What is more surprising about this laptop is just how much has been packed into it given the diminutive size, but of course as is evidenced by the name, the galaxy book flex is able to turn into a number of different configurations.

You have the classic laptop form and then you can tilt it up so that you have a media display or just fold it and use it as a tablet.

The laptop has a wireless power share in the touchpad. If you are not doing any inputs you can just turn on wireless power share and have your wireless cable device sitting on the touch pad to top it up. It also has Intel I slake 10th generation processor coupled with Intel’s iris plus graphics.

Getting on the more creative side the galaxy book flex touts a nice experience with the s-pen for photo and illustration app but not too much else. It has a 13 inch and 1080p display and 16 GB of RAM and up to 512 GB of storage. Included is an S-pen that is very comfortable to hold for long drawing sessions and it is very light.


  • Future-proof processor
  • Stellar display
  • Excellent connectivity suite
  • Brilliant design
  • Long-lasting battery


  • Not meant for power users
  • Lacks a high-speed Ethernet port

Samsung Chromebook 4

Best Budget Samsung Laptop

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The Samsung Chromebook 4, is designed to hit that sweet budget price of about $300-$350. The screensize is 15.6 inch full HD display with a 1080 pixel resolution and antiglare technology for your eyes.

The laptop comes with an Intel Celeron N4000 dual core processor which is pretty standard for the budget laptops and there are some newer l chrome book laptops that are coming with the N5000 CPU but this CPU is very good for daily tasks.

6 GB RAM memory makes it easy to multitask. The 128 GB storage space is a little low however especially if you are a photographer and work with tones of large size raw pictures. You can consider using an external hard drive.

The keyboard is very spacious and has a lot of travel on it so typing is very also has a decent sound and a Bluetooth 4.0. The battery power on this laptop is also good especially for the size and charged in around 2 hours.


  • Screen resolution bright and sharp
  • Battery life is very good. 
  • Lightweight and sleek build
  • Cheap


  • The keyboard is a little cramped
  • Some lag in the screen

Samsung Galaxy Go

Best Beginner

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The design language for this laptop closely resembles MacBook’s premium silverfish finishing. It is light weight making it effortless to carry and shockproof so you can stay rest assured while on the move.

Under the hood of this laptop is a snapdragon 7c gen 2 processor, coupled with 4 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage to keep you up and going. Another awesome thing about this laptop is its amazing battery backup of up to 18 hours. That is really impressive for all day long usage.

It also happens to include Samsung’s quick share feature that allows you to pair it up with your smartphone and transfer the files between them.

Galaxy book go is an attractive laptop specifically for the students segment due to its features that it has and the price its available in. it has a display of 14-inches full HD


  • Light and compact
  • 4G modem included
  • Excellent battery life


  • Dreadful display
  • Non-native apps feel slow
  • No touchscreen

Samsung Notebook 9 Pen

Best with Stylus

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The Samsung Notebook 9 pen is the greatest hits tour of Samsung’s best laptop feature. It’s a slim lightweight laptop with an excellent 360 degree hinge, plenty of computing power plus one very phone like feature.

The same Samsung S pen stylus found in the Galaxy Note 8 phone fits into a slot on the front edge of the system.

This laptop is a core i7 13-inch laptop that weighs less than 2.2 pounds and the battery life is fairly ok.  The battery lasts about 7.5 hours, which is relatively short and not even a whole day battery life everybody wants.

As a superlight, very competent take anywhere laptop the note book 9 pen does the job and if you are at all interested in drawing, sketching and note taking the s -pen is a great way to do that.


  • Very slim and sleek build
  • Lightweight, weighing just over 2 lbs
  • Metal scratch proof body


  • A bit slow if the battery is low
  • Trackpad becomes sluggish after a while

Samsung Galaxy Book Pro

Best Samsung all-round laptop

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Samsung Galaxy Book Pro is a powerful Ultrabook with a stunning amoled panel and powerful specs integration. What makes this laptop stand out from the others is the brilliant amoled screen which showcases colors that look almost natural.

Watching high resolution movies or working on creative projects such as illustration or photo editing is really effective on this thing.

On the battery you get about 20hrs from a single charge which is likely to vary depending on the task you are going to perform on it. Specs include a 15.6 inch screen display, an 11 gen i7 core I processor, 16 GB of RAM and 512 GB of storage which makes it shine in the performance category too.


  • OLED screen is vivid
  • Thin and light design
  • Lovely S Pen integration
  • Great 16-hour battery life


  • Big bezels, 16:9 aspect ratio
  • Shallow keyboard
  • A ton of preloaded apps, many from Samsung

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What to consider before buying Samsung Laptop for Graphic Design

So when it comes to choosing the best laptop for your specific graphic design needs, you should consider these 6 factors:

  1. Processor Power (CPU)
  2. RAM Memory
  3. Disk Storage
  4. Color accuracy
  5. Battery Life
  6. Price

Processor Power (CPU)

You need a powerful CPU to run most graphic design software smoothly without lags or crashes. At the very bare minimum you want to find an i5 but I would recommend i7 or i9. The key here is processor.

RAM Memory

It is also important to consider the RAM, which usually allows you to run multiple apps simultaneously.

How much RAM would you need for graphic design?—Get at minimum 8 GB of RAM, recommended 16GB or the maximum amount as you’ll afford. I would strongly recommend you to choose one with the maximum RAM. Most of the time, you will need to multi task and navigate from one program to another. A great processor together with minimum 2 GB RAM is good for Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign. I however recommend 4 GB and above if you want to run After Effects and Video Editing Software.

Disk Storage

Depending on what professional graphic design work you do, you will need some space to save those  heavy files.

Graphic design source files (PSD, AI, INDD, AEP etc.) tend to be very heavy so you will require that extra disk space to save your work.

Especially if you deal with 3d graphic design or video editing, or simply working with photos — these soft wares require tons of space on your disk.

Color accuracy

If you are doing graphic design, motion design, video production or web design you need to make sure that the colors that you are using whether it is in print or web are accurate and how you can know that is by getting an ips color display. The size and resolution, anything over 1080p by 1920p is great.

Battery Life

Since you want to purchase a laptop, then battery life is important for your tasks.

Especially if you’re into travelling life or just have to move your laptop frequently without having to plug it every single time.


Who wants to spend money only to realize later that there was a far better deal? The price and budget is also a must check before buying a Samsung Laptop. You should set your budget first and then search for laptops within that budget range—affordable, but powerful enough to handle your creative work.

Take all of that into consideration and view my list of the best laptops for graphic designers on the market in 2022.

Best Samsung Laptops For Graphic Designers List

  1. Samsung Galaxy Book Flex 13 inch
  2. Samsung Chromebook 4 Best Budget Samsung Laptop
  3. Samsung Galaxy Go Best Beginner
  4. Samsung Notebook 9 Pen Best with Stylus
  5. Samsung Galaxy Book Pro Best Samsung all-round laptop

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