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10 Best Rap Album Cover Designers in 2023

In this article, we review the best Rap album cover designers available for hire today. To maximize your album views and interaction with your followers, you need a well-designed album cover with carefully placed elements that help convey the right message about your music to your potential customers.

Back then when music was packaged in CDs, you had a limited amount of time to make an impact, so every marketing style and strategy you used was very important.

The title, album cover art and back cover of the CD packaging were what immediately attracted and captured consumers’ attention both in terms of genre and style.

After researching and comparing services from different artists and designers, we have come up with a list of the best ones available. We have provided a link to each album cover artist’s sample and contacts. Feel free to contact any of them.

If we missed your favorite artist, just contact us for a chat.

10 Best Rap Album Cover Designers For Hire

  1. dilshanfx – Editors Choice
  2. Gigzlogo – Modern Effects
  3. Shaheengraphic – cartoon Rap Album Cover Designer
  4. DenisMaina – Best Budget Cartoon Album Designer
  5. Srdesign4u – Best album cover art under 15$
  6. toinggraphicss – Top Rated Hip Hop mixtape Album Cover Designer
  7. Hisham – Best Rap Pop, Edm album cover
  8. Degeha

dilshanfx – Editors Choice

dilshanfx has a unique style that will set your album apart from the rest. He is also very creative and open to suggestions. provides you with amazing designs on both CD and Rap album covers and has a wide variety of genres to choose from. Go to dilshanfx Portfolio.

He will make sure that you are completely satisfied with your product before buying it as well. 7 years of experience with a 4.9 rating and 1000 plus reviews proves dilshanfx to be a pro with a great record of satisfied clients.

  1. Basic 20$: 3000x3000PX + Cover with retouch and image edits. 1-day delivery with unlimited revisions
  2. Standard 30$: Detailed front cover with Extra effects and creativity. 1-day delivery with unlimited revisions. You will also get the source file.
  3. Premium 70$: Detailed graphics and effects+back cover+spine+3D mockup + Source files

Gigzlogo – Modern Effects

Shaheen Graphic – Best cartoon Rap Album Cover Designer

mixtape Cover  on Fiverr
Design by Saheen

Shaheen has a great sense of the possibilities for your rap album cover and is very open to any suggestions you have. Saheen will work with you to create an elegant, sophisticated, and professional cover or design. 40 best rap album covers by Saheen Portfolio

Shaheen offers Super-Detailed Artwork, Full Body 1 Characters, Special Effects, and Complex Ideas, with Unique Fonts, and he is also very affordable on Fiverr.

The gig features 3 options you can pick from.

  1. Basic 35$: You will get Detailed Artwork, Half Body 1 character with Special Effects, and unique Fonts. Shaheen will do 1 design concept for you and you will have unlimited revisions plus a 3D mock-up. Delivery in 7 days
  2. Standard 65$: You will get everything you get in the basic package but for a full body image. Delivery in 7 days
  3. Premium 120$: Detailed Custom Artwork, 1 Character, Detailed Background, 20 seconds Promo Animation with Special Effects. Delivery in 7 days.

toinggraphics – Best Under 20$ Rap Album Cover Designer

Best Rap Album Cover  on Fiverr
design by toinggraphics

Milan is a great designer who will work with you on your vision and make an album or mixtape cover that will envy anyone in your genre. He is unique and brings a fresh, new look to your album cover. Milan has 4 years of experience in designing albums, singles, and even mixtape covers and has 5-star ratings and 1k plus reviews.

Originality, Quick Turnaround, and creates some of the best cover art for the price of 20$

  • Basic 20$: SIMPLE DESIGN > Front Design || i-Tunes Ready 1600x1600px || 3 Revisions
  • Standard 30$: ADVANCED design || i-Tunes Ready 3000x3000px || Fully Editable PSD File || 6 Revisions
  • Premium 45$: ADVANCED (3D) design || Front & Back Design || Full Editable PSD File || i-Tunes Ready 3000x3000px


album cover
design by toinggraphics

If you are looking for a creative rap album cover that is modern and stands out, then MAAZ is your guy! He is very good at taking your ideas and transforming them into an amazing design that will set your album apart from the rest.

He also has a variety of different styles to choose from. MAAZ has over 5 years of experience and has worked on over 2K+ professional artworks in his career. With a Level, one rating of 4.9 MAAZ delivers premium work in a timely manner for under 20$.


Best Rap Album Cover  on Fiverr
design by srdesign4u

Srdesign4u is a very talented rap album cover designer who creates classy and sophisticated designs and edits. He is great at providing you with proof of concepts for your design as well! I would recommend him to anyone in need of a great rap album cover designer at a cheaper price of 10$. He is a level 2 seller who has 1k plus reviews with the fastest turnaround time of 24hrs.

A professional Artist with 10 years of experience in making single covers, album covers, and mixtape covers with Adobe Photoshop. Money-back guarantee and Friendly and flexible service

  1. Basic 15$: Simple iTunes Ready Front Cover Design in 1600x1600px. 5 Revisions and a Free Mockup
  2. Standard 25$: ADVANCED design, iTunes Ready 3000x3000px, and Fully Editable PSD File. A 3D Mockup is also included. 1-day delivery with unlimited revisions.
  3. Premium 40$: ADVANCED (3D) design || Front & Back Design || Full Editable PSD File || i-Tunes Ready 3000x3000px. 1-day delivery with unlimited revisions.

DenisMaina’s – Best Budget Cartoon Album cover

Best Rap Album Cover  on Fiverr
Best Budget illustrated album cover

The gig offers a detailed illustration for an album cover or mixtape cover. For a great price ranging from 25$ for the basic package, you will get a cool and illustrative cartoon cover art design for your music.

  • Basic / Half Body Artwork 1 super detailed Half Body character with a detailed background.
  • Standard / Full Body Artwork same as the basic but with a full body character.
  • Premium / Custom Artwork is a super detailed character illustration based on your custom idea with a detailed background. You will also get a 20-second Animation Loop.

HishamBest Rap Pop EDM album cover

Album Cover  on Fiverr
design by hhichdesign

Hisham is incredibly talented! He is an extremely original designer who will create a first-of-its-kind cover or design for you (from scratch) that will be the envy of any artist in your genre.

He is professional, quick, and flexible. His designs pop and stand out. He creates very classy work. He is a level 1 seller and Fiverr’s choice with a 5-star rating at a cost of 50$.

Degeha Top rated seller – Full hip hop album cover music illustration

Album Cover  on Fiverr
design by degeha

You can get a great cover or design that will stand out from the rest while still being classy and professional. Degeha is incredibly talented and has a great personality. He is a professional graphic designer with more than 5 years of experience and he is open to making his covers unique or blending them with an existing cover! He is a 5-star rated designer who intends to offer you high-quality artwork at a cost of 50$

  • Great Personality, Original and skillful
  • Very flexible
  • Flawless execution of his work.

Bottom line

Fiverr is the best place to find the top best rap album cover designers for your new project. Using our platform, you can track the gig’s progress online and get access to free communication with the designer all the time. This is a great chance to work with an experienced rap album cover designer online and get the perfect result at a reasonable price.

Fiverr offers a great variety of top best rap album cover designers. Most of Fiverr’s best rap album cover designers have years of experience designing and have worked with big clients from all over the world. Hiring the best rap album cover designers online is not only cool and fun, but it also saves time and money.

You can throw away your doubts about quality because all the reviewed gigs are checked by our team so you can expect nothing less than excellence from each of the selected designers.

Before we get into the cover artists, let’s take a look at some of the best designs of all time and which hip-hop or rap artist has the best cover art design examples.

The 10 best album cover designers for hire in 2023

For a wider range to choose from please go to Best Rap Album Cover Designers.

  1. dilshanfx – Editors Choice
  2. Gigzlogo – Modern Effects
  3. Shaheengraphic – cartoon Rap Album Cover Designer
  4. DenisMaina – Best Budget Cartoon Album Designer
  5. Srdesign4u – Best album cover art under 15$
  6. toinggraphicss – Top Rated Hip Hop mixtape Album Cover Designer
  7. Zalmarlt – Best Dark Cartoon Album Cover Art
  8. Hisham – Best Rap Pop, Edm album cover
  9. Degeha

How to design an album cover that makes an impact?

Just like a package or a logo, your album cover is the face of your product that consumers interact with before deciding whether to choose your product or not. You need it well done and attractive. You can choose to create it yourself, but for a successful career, we recommend you hire a specialist to design it for you.

Best do-it-yourself online Album cover Makers

If you still choose to do it yourself, here are some album cover makers you can use to develop your design. There are a lot of options but only 2 we recommend to avoid wasting your time.

  1. Poster my wall
  2. Canva

If you prefer hiring a specialist to create it for you below are the best ones available.

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