The 6 Best Printers Under 100$ Today

What are the Best Printers Under 100$? If you are on a budget, buying a good printer can be more complicated than it may seem. Failure to consider all the important factors can result in a lot of unexpected additional expenses in the future.

For example, you not only need to consider the price of the printer but the price of printing supplies as well. Some printers come in cheap but you pay a whole lot for supplies every time they are out.

Other printers may be a little more expensive, but they are way cheaper in the long run due to cheaper inks and printing supplies.

This article is aimed to help you choose the 5 Best Printers Under 100$ that you can buy. After testing a lot of budget printers, these stood out as the best options.

What are the Best Printers Under 100$?

  1. Brother MFC-J1010DW – Best Overall
  2. Canon Pixma TR 4720 – best printer for photo printing
  3. HP Deskjet 2755e – Best Compact
  4. Pantum P2502W – Best Laser Printer Under 100$
  5. HP LaserJet M209dwe
  6. Canon SELPHY Square QX10 – Best Portable Printer

Brother MFC-J1010DW – Best Overall

Special Features: Auto-Duplex, Network-Ready, Display Screen, Auto Document Feeder, Borderless Printing

The Brother MFC-J1010DW stands out as the ultimate choice for a budget-friendly printer under $100. 

With its sleek matte black design and compact size, it effortlessly fits on any office desk, boasting a convenient auto document feeder that enhances productivity. 

This inkjet printer excels in both office-based tasks and home printing, offering a 20-sheet capacity auto document feeder for seamless scanning and copying. 

While it supports auto-duplexing for printing, it doesn’t feature duplex scanning. The adjustable paper sheet tray accommodates various media sizes, holding up to 150 pages for moderate office printing needs. 

Its cost-effective monochrome printing and high-yield cartridges make it an economical choice, delivering a significant number of pages per cartridge. The user-friendly tilted navigation panel simplifies operations, allowing for easy execution of tasks like copying, scanning, and printing. 

The small LCD, navigated via buttons, adds to its ease of use, making printing tasks a breeze with just a button press. 

Overall, the Brother MFC-J1010DW impresses with its premium convenience, exceptional performance, and affordability, making it the best printer under $100 for versatile printing needs.

Canon Pixma TR 4720 – best printer under 100$ for photo printing

  • Wireless 4-in-1 for printing, copying, scanning, and faxing
  • Simple ink cartridge installation and replacement.
  • Auto-duplex printing
  • Large size 8.5″ x 11″.
  • Capacity: 100 sheets

The Canon Pixma TR 4720 emerges as an excellent choice for photo printing among printers under $100. 

Although it has a relatively slower speed compared to our top pick, this compact and affordable wireless printer excels in producing exceptional quality photos with vivid and clear graphics. 

Its borderless printing capabilities without any color blurring or bounding issues showcase its prowess in handling small-sized prints flawlessly. 

The printer’s all-in-one functionality printing, scanning, and copying, makes it a versatile solution suitable for both home and office needs. 

However, its running cost per print is on the higher side, averaging around 17 to 18 cents for both monochrome and colored prints, making it a less cost-effective option in the long run. 

This drawback does not hold it back. Its affordable price, compact design, and superior photo printing capabilities position the Canon Pixma TR 4720 as a solid contender for anyone seeking a budget-friendly printer specifically tailored for exceptional photo printing requirements.

The HP Deskjet 2755e stands out as an affordable and economically efficient compact printer under $100, perfect for home use.

Its all-in-one functionality offers convenience, while the standout feature is HP’s six-month instant ink supply, allowing printing of up to 700 pages per month. 

This feature significantly reduces running costs, making it an enticing long-term investment. 

The HP Deskjet 2755e is slightly slower in printing compared to more expensive printers. Additionally, it lacks many advanced features even compared to printers in this review.

The paper feeding process from the rear tray can be cumbersome due to its flimsiness and susceptibility to dust.

However, accessing cartridges and dealing with paper jams is one of the simplest processes on this printer compared to others. 

Paper output from the front tray also seemed a bit erratic. Utilizing a two-cartridge system akin to Canon Pixma TR 4720 and HP Deskjet 3755, the Deskjet 2755e manages to print slightly faster than the Deskjet 3755 but is bulkier in size compared to the HP 3755. 

Despite these minor drawbacks, its affordability, cost-effective ink supply, and compact design make the HP Deskjet 2755e a top choice for those seeking an economical and functional all-in-one printer for home use.

The Pantum P2502W emerges as the top choice for a monochrome laser printer under $100, ideal for both home and office use.

Its standout feature lies in its rapid monochrome printing capability, clocking in at an impressive 20 pages per minute with crisp text quality, free from any fuzzy lines across various document sizes.

The printer’s lightweight and compact design makes it a practical fit for any office table, boasting a durable metal body ensuring long-term reliability.

However, it cannot print double-sided documents, potentially leading to time consumption for certain tasks. 

On the positive side, the front-loading paper tray comfortably holds up to 150 sheets, significantly reducing the need for frequent refilling compared to some HP Deskjet printers. 

During testing, when pushed to its maximum monthly cycle of 700 pages, the printer required more frequent refills. 

The Pantum P2502W remains an exceptional choice for those prioritizing swift and high-quality monochrome printing, offering durability, speed, and reliability at an affordable price point under $100.

The HP LaserJet M209dwe stands as a reliable and quality-driven monochrome printer, making its mark as an excellent wireless option under $100. 

While lacking scanning capabilities, its duplex printing feature sets it apart from the Pantum model. 

The printer showcases a sturdy build quality in a sleek gray-and-white color scheme. Notably, it leverages HP’s Instant Ink subscription for six months, effectively reducing ink costs while allowing for a considerable number of printed pages. 

Surprisingly, it boasts an impressive printing speed of approximately 30 pages per minute, surpassing the Pantum’s pace. 

During various tasks such as printing forms, Word documents, Excel sheets, and direct prints from Google Cloud services, it operated flawlessly, rarely running low on toner. 

Though encountering occasional paper jams, troubleshooting was straightforward, with easy access from the rear side. 

The HP LaserJet M209dwe shines as a solid choice under $100, offering swift printing, cost-efficient ink usage, and reliable performance for diverse printing needs in both home and office settings.

This printer is good, however, it falls short due to a lack of scanning capabilities which seem as a basic requirement for most printers.

Canon SELPHY Square QX10 – Best Portable Printer

  • Best for Photo and Art Printing
  • Color printing Capability
  • 43 Second Maximum Photo Printing speed
  • 287 x 287 dpi Max Print resolution
  • Wireless Canon Mobile Printing Technology

6 Best Printers Under 100$?

  1. Brother MFC-J1010DW – Best Overall
  2. Canon Pixma TR 4720 – best printer for photo printing
  3. HP Deskjet 2755e – Best Compact
  4. Pantum P2502W – Best Laser Printer Under 100$
  5. HP LaserJet M209dwe
  6. Canon SELPHY Square QX10 – Best Portable Printer
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