8 Best office chair for lower back and hip pain

Buying an office chair that fits your need can be a tedious affair with all the brands available in the market. Which is the Best Office Chair For Lower Back And Hip Pain?

Whether you are a graphic designer or music producer, you sometimes have to sit long hours at your desk to work. A comfortable chair will make the experience better for you impacting greatly on work output.

When purchasing an office chair you don’t go for what looks good and attractive or what is currently on sale. They are important factors but if you do not put other key factors into consideration then you will end up with unsatisfactory results.

With most of your time spend working and maybe sitting on a chair for more than 40 hours a week, you need to buy a good quality chair that will help prevent or ease back and hip pains associated with poor posture. To remedy this we have come up with factors to consider when buying an office chair below;

Best Office Chairs For Lower Back And Hip Pain

  1. Steelcase Gesture Best Overall
  2. Executive leather chair: ergonomically designed chair
  3. Sihoo M90D: Best Budget
  4. Herman Miller Aeron: Best Value
  5. Eurotech Vera Mesh Chair Best for ergonomic adjustments
  6. Ticova Ergonomic Office Chair Best Budget office chair for lower back pain
  7. Office Chair – Ergonomic Desk Best office chair for lower back pain under $300
  8. Duramont Ergonomic Office Chair Best office chair for lower back pain under $400

Steelcase gesture

Best Overall

When you first get this chair you will immediately feel like it’s a luxury item. It is super heavy and t feels really sturdy with Steelcase claiming it will support up to 400 pounds. The chair has a design that is striking and futuristic clean with the build quality being so impeccable.

The Steelcase gesture comes back to the lifetime warranty on the frame and a 12-year warranty on everything else. That means you never have to worry about the chair breaking down over time.

It has some amazing features for instance; the arms are unique and can adjust in almost any direction.

Almost anyone can be comfortable with the gesture’s arms. The height can be adjusted with the button underneath the arm cap, and the width can be adjusted by pushing the arms in and out. The arm caps are really comfortable and dense giving you the best experience during office work.

Now let’s talk about the seats. The seat on the gesture is extremely comfortable and you will notice that the seat pad itself doesn’t look very thick and that is by design.

It’s made to look sleek and minimalistic but it is packed with a consistent foam that adjusts to the body and also has some air pockets underneath to help distribute the weight evenly.

Any adjustments on the gesture can be found on the side of the chair. The seat adjustment is as good as any chair, you just pull on the tab and it will take you up and down.

Executive leather chair: ergonomically designed chair

The Executive leather chair is our second best pick. This executive seat is meant to provide executive comfort and a cool ergonomic design with a lot of great features.

It is quite heavy at 31 KG but will provide maximum comfort thanks to the solid material and diverse adjustability including headrest, 360 degree rotating armrest and massage pads available on it.

The chairs assembly is easy and can be done by one person. The X4 Executive leather chair is a premium level chair that you will not regret adding to your work flow. It holds a maximum weight capacity of up to 180 Kgs which is great.

To crown these great features, you will have have up to 8 color varieties that you can choose from for whichever one that suites you best.


  • Good 360 degree rotating armrest plus many other features
  • Ergonomically designed for maximum comfort
  • A lot of color choices and features


  • You will pay slightly more for the armrest
  • Massage pads are generally weak and not the best

Eurotech Vera Mesh Chair: Best for ergonomic adjustments

The Eurotech vera is a great option featuring most of the ergonomic adjustments that you would want in an ergonomic chair with the only real exception being that it doesn’t include an adjustable backrest or an adjustable lumbar support system.

Now the natural curve in the backrest is one of the reasons that this chair is rated highly for backrest comfort and for overall comfort it is a great option.

The chair also comes with an optional headrest but the downside with this headrest is that it doesn’t have height adjustment functions to fit a wide range of different height users. The wire-mesh underwire offers excellent coverage and comfort, so you won’t have to worry about anything rubbing or chafing your back.

It has a medium to medium-strength lower support and will not get in your way when you need to carry lots of stuff. This chair is perfect for people who spend a lot of time standing or leaning in their work. Because the natural curve of the backrest only pushes so far forward, you need to make sure to scoot your butt back into the chair for good lower back support.

Ticova Ergonomic Office Chair: Best Budget

Ticova’s ergonomic chair is the best chair for hip pain on the market and comes at an affordable price. Ticova’s professional design team has done its best to improve every part of this ergonomic office chair.

The chair is pretty comfortable and has a lot of movement and adjustments which is nice as far as going up and down and has a completely customizable headrest that can help better support your upper body, neck, and head.

The chair also has 3d metal adjustable arms rest as well as its solid lumber support which maintains the curve in the lower back and promotes effortless upper back posture.

The chair tilts up to 130 degrees so if you want to lean back a little more you can comfortably do that. The seat is made of 3 inches high-density form with w shaped waterfall edge design providing a larger support area and dispersed pressure on hips and thighs. You can adjust lumbar support height and depth.

On the downside, the chair holds everything, the fabric, hair, dust, and lint but the dirt comes right off after a good vacuum cleaner.

Duramont Ergonomic Office Chair

Best under 400$

The Duramont adjustable chair is made to last. It has a weight capacity of 330 lbs and is made from the highest quality materials including a soft cushion seat, sturdy arm and headrests, and roller blade caster wheels that allow you to move easily across the office floor.

What makes this chair a smarter choice is the numerous adjustable features that you can be assured of finding a comfortable seating position just for you.

You can adjust the headrest height and angle, the lumbar support in height and depth, the armrest height and distance from the seat, the seat height, the backrest tilt, and the tilt tension.

The breathable mesh back on this ergonomic office chair provides support while keeping your back cool and comfortable. Cool air starts to circulate through the mesh keeping your back from sweating and allowing you to sit in the chair comfortably for longer periods of time compared to traditional chairs.

The chair also includes an adjustable lumbar support and a recline feature that allows you to tilt the backrest back or seat straight. Therefore making you quickly find a position that makes your back feel comfortable.

How to choose the best office chair for lower back pain


These are a number of features that have been designed to improve the posture of the worker and also to offer correct support. A great ergonomic chair is one that is adjustable and also has customized settings. But to truly gain from the chair one has to practice proper posture.


The most important aspect is posture. You need to buy a chair that can adjust to your individual body shape and size. Posture is everything especially when you will be sitting for long hours.

You don’t want a seat that is too small for you or too tall and you cannot adjust it. Bad posture often leads to health issues which then translate to poor productivity in the employee. So office chairs need to be as comfortable as possible.


When it comes to budget, a chair can be sleek functional, and comfortable but comes with an unrealistic price tag and suddenly it’s all for nothing.

You need to come up with a budget and include some wiggle room for extra costs such as shipping and find a chair that is affordable but at the same time does not compromise on the quality and comfort because at the end of the day those are the most important factors.

Body Quality

The health of the employees or individuals is very important. Therefore the material that will be used to make that seat should not be adhesive to humans. The seat quality should also be good and feel comfortable while in use and prevent some health complications but at the same time, it should be aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

For instance, if your office has a beautiful leather seat in the boardroom that gives you backache after a few hours then it isn’t worth the money for the purchase.

Back Support

When purchasing an office chair the back support is a very important element. Your back should always be pressed against your chair while working.

A good back support is one that has a cushion and makes your lower back arch slightly to avoid slumping forward or slouching down in the chair. it is essential to have back support in the chair to minimize the strain on your back.

Maximum Weight Support

Generally, a standard executive office chair is designed to support up to 250 to 300 pounds of weight. While most employees will be accommodated under this weight gap, in other instances you might require a heavy-weight chair for some other employees. 

What is the Best Office Chair For Lower Back And Hip Pain List

Steelcase gesture: Best Overall

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the best chair to sit in for lower back pain?

    The Eurotech Vera Mesh Chair. It has some amazing features for the backrest.

  2. Can an office chair cause hip pain?

    Yes. Poor posture and chair with poor seat are often the cause of hip pain

  3. What type of chair is best for hip pain?

    Any chair that has a saddle seat is ideal for hip pain. It often relieves pressure on the hip joint due to its hip angle.