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The best drawing apps for Android tablets

If you use an Android device and intend to start off your journey in digital art, you need to understand the best drawing apps for Android tablets.

Below is a breakdown of the best ones that you can use. We have classified them as both free and paid options. If you are using an iPad, we recommend Procreate for both art and design.

8 best drawing apps for Android tablets

  1. Sketchbook: Free
  2. Krita: Free
  3. MediBang 
  4. Clip Studio Paint
  5. ArtFlow
  6. Adobe Illustrator
  7. Corel Draw
  8. Concepts

What are the best Free drawing apps for Android tablets?

  1. Sketchbook: Free
  2. Krita: Free

Sketchbook: Free

best drawing apps for Android tablets Sketchbook: Free
image credits Sketchbook

Sketchbook features a simple-to-use interface. It is easy to navigate with a minimal design approach. It is one of the oldest free drawing applications available.

It was first developed by Autodesk but can now be found independently. For many years, it has been popular with beginners and professionals alike.

This is mostly because of a number of reasons, such as the many layers that come in large sizes. You will have 10 layers at 6000 x 4500 pixels, which is perfect.

You will have a choice between many brush options and good pressure sensitivity, which will help you create many different strokes and styles for free.

You will be able to create many different art styles thanks to the many tools for symmetry and complementary color pickers. 

If you like recording your art creation process, you will have an easy-to-find and use time-lapse feature that is great for creators and tutors.

Unfortunately, you will be limited to 72 DPI resolution, while many designs need to be 300 DPI for clear print quality.


  • The Sketchbook application is available for free.
  • Many Brushes
  • 10 layers at 6000 x 4500 px
  • Many different tools
  • Good for beginners and professionals


  • Limited to 72 DPI resolution


Krita best Free drawing apps for Android tablets
image credits Krita

Krita is another free and popular digital art application. It is renowned for its many features and open-source nature. 

Originally designed for computers, it has been fully ported to Android, offering tablet users access to its comprehensive toolset. 

To optimize its functionality, especially on tablets, connecting a keyboard is recommended. 

This setup allows users to efficiently activate and switch between tools using keyboard shortcuts rather than relying solely on touch gestures, mirroring the desktop experience. 

Krita on Android retains all the features artists love, including powerful brush engines, support for various file types like PSD, and animation tools for creating intricate animations. 

The app also boasts unlimited undo capabilities, crucial for iterative creative processes. For users with devices like the S Pen, Krita supports gestures, enhancing usability further. 

However, on smaller screens, the interface can feel cramped, and accidental marks from hand touches remain a minor inconvenience. 

Overall, Krita’s adaptation to Android and ChromeOS extends its accessibility, providing artists with a versatile tool for digital art creation on the go.

Best Paid drawing apps for Android tablets

  1. MediBang 
  2. Clip Studio Paint
  3. ArtFlow
  4. Adobe Illustrator
  5. Corel Draw
  6. Concepts

MediBang Paint

image credits MediaBang

Media Bang Paint is a popular free drawing app, especially favored by new comic artists for its comprehensive features and accessibility. 

Similar to Clip Studio Paint, it boasts a large asset library that users can readily access, enhancing creative options. 

One of its standout features is the ability to back up work to the cloud, enabling seamless access across devices, including computers. 

The mobile version of MediBang differs slightly from its desktop counterpart but remains packed with tools and optimized for smaller screens. 

Despite lacking keyboard support, it compensates with intuitive touch gestures like double-tap to undo, making it user-friendly on mobile devices. 

Artists benefit from specific tools tailored for comic creation, such as comic panel and layout tools, along with reliable pressure sensitivity for precise control over brush strokes. 

The app supports high-resolution canvases at 300 DPI, ideal for professional-level artwork and printing needs.

Time-lapse capture adds another dimension by allowing artists to record their creative process, offering insights into their workflow. Customizable display shortcuts further enhance efficiency, though new users may need to adjust settings initially for optimal pressure sensitivity. 

Overall, MediBang Paint stands as a versatile choice for digital comic creation, offering accessibility, a wealth of creative resources, and robust features across mobile and desktop platforms.

Corel Draw

Corel Vs Illustrator

CorelDRAW is a powerful graphic design software known for its versatility and comprehensive toolset, making it an excellent choice as the best drawing app for Android tablets.

Similar to its desktop counterpart, CorelDRAW for Android offers a wide range of features tailored for vector graphics and illustration.

CorelDraw combines intuitive tools like the Live Paint tool, which simplifies the drawing process by integrating multiple functions into one tool. 

Its interface is designed to be user-friendly, catering well to beginners while still offering powerful capabilities for professional use. 

You can use both Windows and MacOS, with recent updates making it compatible with Android tablets as well. 

CorelDRAW’s pricing options include both one-time purchase and subscription models, providing flexibility based on user preference and budget. For those new to graphic design or seeking a versatile drawing tool on their Android tablet, CorelDRAW offers a compelling option with its blend of functionality and ease of use.

corel Draw vs Illustrator


Cancel Adobe Subscription
image Adobe Subscription

Adobe Illustrator stands out as a leading graphic design software, particularly well-suited for Android tablets, making it a top choice as the best drawing app in this category. 

Renowned for its extensive feature set optimized for vector-based artwork, Illustrator offers tools like the Pen tool, brushes, and comprehensive drawing aids ideal for creating logos, icons, and intricate illustrations directly on Android devices.

Its interface, though professional and feature-rich, remains accessible, with touch-optimized controls for intuitive drawing experiences. 

Adobe Illustrator seamlessly integrates with other Adobe Creative Cloud apps, enhancing workflow efficiency across platforms. 

While primarily available through subscription plans, Illustrator’s robust support and community resources ensure users have ample assistance and learning resources. 

For professional graphic designers or artists needing powerful vector drawing capabilities on their Android tablets, Adobe Illustrator provides unmatched functionality and creative possibilities.


Image credits Art Flow

ArtFlow is a standout drawing app for Android tablets, especially praised for its user-friendly approach that caters well to beginners and hobbyists without overwhelming them with a cluttered interface. 

Despite its simplicity, ArtFlow doesn’t compromise on essential tools that more advanced users appreciate.

It features time-lapse recording capabilities, which are great for documenting your creative process, along with support for multiple layers and layer blend modes for intricate designs. 

The app’s interface is uncluttered and straightforward, making it easy to navigate and ideal for creative workflows on tablets.

ArtFlow supports a decent maximum canvas size at 300 DPI, accommodating detailed artworks with up to 13 layers at 6000x4500px resolution.

It includes useful features like keyboard shortcuts and the ability to flip the interface layout for left- or right-handed users. 

While the free version has limitations such as a restricted layer count and basic touch gestures, the Pro version can be unlocked with a one-time payment of $6 or by temporarily activating it through watching ads.

Overall, ArtFlow is a solid choice for Android tablet users seeking a versatile and intuitive drawing app that balances simplicity with powerful functionality.


image credits Concepts

Concepts stands out as a premier drawing app for Android tablets, especially for its innovative approach to creating on an infinite canvas. 

This feature makes it ideal for brainstorming and organizing ideas across a single page, akin to digital mind-mapping merged with the flexibility of a sketchbook. 

Users can seamlessly import images from their gallery or browser, facilitating the creative integration of visual references into sketches and notes. 

Concepts excels with its full Copic color palettes and a unique exploding color wheel, tailored to meet the needs of designers.

Its vector drawing capabilities ensure precise and scalable artwork creation directly on Android devices. 

The app supports cross-platform synchronization through a subscription model, offering flexibility with various purchase options to suit different user needs.

While the free version has limitations such as a restricted layer count and lacks layer blending modes, unlocking the full feature set costs $5 per month or $30 per year, including a 7-day free trial. 

Additionally, users can opt for the Essentials pack for $15 or make individual one-off purchases for specific features at $2 each. 

Overall, Concepts is highly recommended for Android tablet users seeking a versatile and intuitive drawing app that promotes creativity and design flexibility on a digital canvas.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the best drawing apps for Android tablets?

    Sketchbook: Free
    Krita: Free
    Clip Studio Paint
    Adobe Illustrator
    Corel Draw

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