Best Cartoon rap album covers Designer

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In a world where Album cover designs have been recycled over and over, cartoon rap album covers are a breath of fresh air into your creative work. You have a cool new song or album. It is extraordinary and you can feel it. A normal album cover thrown in there to finish it off will surely not take it to the next level. 

You want to invoke interest through the visual appeal even before your song is heard. A detailed cartoon cover will make it unique and keep it interesting so that your potential fans are attracted to the overall look.

Best Cartoon Rap Album Cover Designer

rap Album Cover
Rap Album Cover

Saheen will provide a super detailed cartoon service for your mixtape, single, or album cover.

Artist Background

Saheen has been a full-time freelancer with 10 years of experience in graphic design. Most of his services are in the music industry Hip Hop and R&B as the main genres.

In the past 6 years on Fiverr, he has completed 7500+ artworks for musicians, producers, and record labels. Check the reviews by some select clients. His expertise is in Album Covers, Mixtape Covers, CD Covers, Animations, and Music Videos. His overall drawing styles include Freestyle Drawing, Vector Art, Detailed Drawing, Digital Painting, Caricature Style Drawing, and Manga Style.

Cartoon Rap Album Cover Design Packages And Pricing

For the basic package, you will get detailed Artwork, Half Body, 1 character with Special Effects, and Unique Fonts. It will cost 35$ but if you subscribe for the monthly offer you will have 20% off.

The order will take 7 days and you will have unlimited revisions which are great. Although deliverables include a 3D mock-up, the basic package does not have the animated display included.

The standard package will have the same things as the basic only that you can get a full body on it. It will, however, cost 65$. The order will also take 7 days and you will also have unlimited revisions which are great. The standard package also does not have the animated display included.

Finally, the premium package will offer Detailed Custom Artwork, 1 Character, Detailed Background, and 20sec Promo Animation with Special Effects. The order will take 7 days and you will have unlimited revisions too.

Deliverables include a 3D mock-up and an animated display included. It will, however, cost 120$.

Cartoon Rap Album Cover by Artworkgang

Cartoon Rap Album Cover

If you are looking for dope hip-hop cover art, the Artworkgang is one of the best you can hire. In their gig, you will get cool cartoon rap album covers especially rap and hip-hop covers.

What you will get

  • Professional Quality Cartoon Drawing
  • Ready for All Music Sites like iTunes, SoundCloud, Spotify
  • 100% Refund Guaranteed
  • VIP Chat Service
  • High-Resolution 3000×3000 jpeg file
  • Free Tattoos Drawing
  • Unlimited Revisions

Pricing Packages

Basic: This package includes 1 half-body cartoon drawing with a decent background & titling. You will get 1 design concept with unlimited revisions and a 3D mock-up too for 15$. The design will be ready in 2 days.

Full Body One Person Cover Art: This package includes full body 1 cartoon drawing with excellent background & dope titling. You will get 1 design concept with unlimited revisions and a 3D mock-up and 3 Days of Delivery with Unlimited Revisions for 25$.

One Person Custom Idea-Based Art $40: In this package, I will draw 1 idea-based person with a custom background & unique titling. 1 design concept in 4 Days Delivery and Unlimited Revisions. It also includes a 3D mockup

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