Best Cameras For Music Videos Shooting In 2022

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In this article we will review the Best Cameras For Music Videos in 2022. For musicians and music bands looking to grow into music brands, music videos are a great tool. Sometimes they help tell the story in your product which is your song. Before you pick your laptop and start editing your music videos, you need video footage recorded.

You can opt for a lyric video with animation and text lyrics but to connect with your fans with a more professional production, you need to record video footage. For the sake of your brand, you cant afford to have poor quality video. The kind of video editing software and video recording gear you choose to use is the most important starting point.

Best Cameras For Music Videos Shooting

  1. Canon EOS Rebel Best beginner Camera For Music Videos
  2. Nikon D5200 24.1 MP Best cheap Camera For Music Videos
  3. Canon EOS 5D Best Professional level Camera For Music Videos
  4. Sony Alpha A6500 Best Sony Camera for Music Video
  5. GoPro Hero5 Best underwater Camera For Music Videos

Which Is The Best Camera Brand For Videos Production?

In a field with very big brands involved, it is difficult to decide which one is best for videography. Canon stands out as the best you can choose thanks to a wide variety of choice and professional level features.

Sony and Nikon are also great picks, although Sony varieties are a little bit expensive. At the end of this article we have discussed the different types of cameras and factors to consider when choosing the Best camera for music videos Shooting .

Canon EOS Rebel

Best beginner Camera For Music Video

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Canon EOS Rebel is an easy to use and very affordably priced camera. It is our choice for best camera for beginners. The image quality produced by this Dslr camera is great thanks to the large 24.1 megapixel sensor. This is exactly the same sensor found in the more expensive Canon 80D which is more than double the price at 1300$.

You will be able to capture images in clear HD 1080p at 30 frames per second. It also does slow motion shoots at 720p and 60 frames per second. After shooting, sharing online is fast and easy by connecting the Canon Camera Connect app with your smartphone. You have a 3 inch LCD screen which is large enough for navigation and sharing using the inbuilt WIFI connectivity.

Fast 3 fps autofocus allows you to record sharp high quality pics without the hustle of focusing every frame or scene. The autofocus may not be the best however for videos and it tends to move unprofessionally.  This means that you can produce high quality images very fast. Unfortunately, this camera has a smaller processor and may not be ideal to shoot high speed sporting activity because it is not fast enough.

Thanks to the Canon color science technology, images appear in high quality as if they have already been edited. What is awesome is that it carries this rich color traits in video too.

 Whether in high or low light conditions, the Canon EOS Rebel produces sharp and high quality videos.. The downside is that this camera lacks image stabilization on the body and lens. It may produce perfect images but may be shaky on the videos.

This camera does not have an external mic input and all audio you will use will be from the cameras internal audio.

Nikon D5200 24.1 MP

Best Cheap Camera For Music Video

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The Canon EOS packs great features at a very affordable price. Nikon D5200 however, easily beats it as the best budget Dslr Camera for Music Videos. For half the price, you will get the same large 24.1 megapixel sensor that is perfect.

Nikon has classified this camera as an upper beginner’s camera, and prides itself for great features for a great low price. You will notice it comes with some features that can only be found in expensive pro cameras.

In this review, I have considered the 18 mm  – 55mm lens because it has great vibration reduction, resulting to great image stabilization. This is nice especially when shooting at low light conditions because you can be able to attain high clarity recordings regardless of light.

The camera comes with all the standard things you get when buying a camera including a battery. I would however recommend you pick a couple of them just to be safe. It does not come with a lens cover but it would a great addition for protection so you can pick that too.

This camera plus its lens can be used to shoot sports or quick motion actions without problems. When it comes to video, this camera comes with 1080/ 60i better than most cameras at this price range. Fast Autofocus makes it easy and fast to use.

Canon EOS 5D

Best Professional level Camera For Music Video 

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It feels great when you find a cheap and affordable camera that checks almost all the boxes. However, if you want to pursue music video production as a career, then you need a professional level camera for music production that will leave no box unchecked.

From their 5D series, Canon EOS 5D Dslr camera is the Best professional level camera for music videos. First of all, it has a large 30.4 megapixels sensor that lets you shoot high detail 4K videos. It is also greta in low light.

The camera uses Canon’s dual pixel CMOS technology and 61.4 Autofocus systems that ensure accurate and precise focusing. Unlike the cheaper Canon EOS Rebel T7i that has a smaller processor, this camera is very fast thanks to a bigger DIGIC 6 plus Image Processor and 7.0 fps continuous shooting.

Although it is a near perfect camera for music, the price is a little too high for the average videographer. The camera is also heavy and bulky so limiting its portability.

Sony Alpha A6500

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This tiny camera does 11 fps photo speeds and has a 24.2 megapixel APSC sensor. For such a tiny and highly portable camera, this is amazing. Additionally, the camera has an in body IBIS image stabilizer that will rid you of shaky videos. Compared to the Sony A6300, the image quality is far much more stable and can even shoot 4K videos.

The Sony Alpha A6500 beats other Nikon and Canon cameras for having the world’s fastest autofocus speed at (0.05 sec.) making it one of the best mirrorless cameras for music videos and videography.

The small and light weight body makes the camera highly portable and you can carry it almost everywhere. Furthermore, the sturdy magnesium made body is strong and durable.

Thanks to lightweight portability, great performance, not to mention the Autofocus and in body IBIS image stabilizer, this camera is one of the best mirrorless cameras for videography.

GoPro Hero5

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The GoPro is a fantastic mirrorless camera with a small, strong and highly portable body. The Hero5 is your go to camera for rainy music scenes and will even work well underwater.

 This small camera checks the box for 4K video quality and 12 megapixel image quality plus fantastic image stabilization at a very cheap price. The battery life is great and you can easily shoot long time lapse videos.

Thanks to a great new feature that is android compatible, you can share your footage and images easily to your phone and share with friends and family. Overall multidirectional audio is great plus another feature that makes the Hero5 great is the voice control that allows you to make voice commands.

Unfortunately, the camera is not so good when in low light conditions. The 2 inch touch screen is however a little too small but good enough judging by the overall camera size. You will also need to carry around the water tight housing for underwater shoots.

Types of cameras

One of the most asked questions is whether you can use a DSLR camera for music video production. In this section we will discuss the types of cameras best for shooting music videos.

We have previously discussed some great and cheap point and shoot cameras you can buy before. Today we will introduce 2 new tyoes of cameras that is DSLR Cameras and Mirrorless Cameras.

What are DSLR Cameras

A DSLR Camera allows you to see what you are shooting directly through the view finder.  A mirror also reflects light to the cameras sensor. DSLR’S normally having a large sensor. This makes it possible for them to intake a lot of light and is therefore the best when shooting in low light. The ability to autofocus means that it is faster therefore capturing more pixels.

Dslrs have a longer battery life not forgetting they are compatible with a wider range of lenses, compared to mirrorless cameras.

Although they are more expensive, the overall quality of images and videos on Dslrs is greater than most other types of cameras. Maintenance is also expensive so you need a higher budget for this type of camera. Dslrs are also a little more bulky and heavy, making them less portable.

What are Mirrorless Cameras

Mirrorless cameras are lighter and more portable in comparison to Dslrs. They also lack a mirror so light falls directly on the sensors. Thanks to their very fast shutter speeds, you can easily achieve very high quality from a cheap mirrorless camera. What you see in a mirrorless camera, is what you will get. For a Dslr however, what you see in the viewfinder might be a little different on exposure. You are however limited when it comes to lenses. Their battery life is also low compared to Dslrs. Both types of cameras are great and have image stabilization that comes in handy when shooting videos.

Factors to consider when choosing the Best camera for music videos Shooting


When shooting music videos you will have to sometimes move around from scene to scene or shoot location. You need to consider how portable, not only the camera is, but also the whole set of equipment you will need in the shoot.


As mentioned earlier, Dslrs support a wider range of lenses than Mirrorless cameras. Before settling for a camera, you need to consider compatibility with your desired lenses.

Speed and Performance

You will sometimes need to shoot fast and on motion videos. Automatic focus means a camera will be faster and easier to use. You need to consider whether the camera allows autofocusing or you have to do it manually.

Number of megapixels 

The number of pixels will determine the resolution you can achieve with your camera. If you have high megapixels, then you will have high resolution. This theory may however not work in low light conditions.

Good in Low Light

Some music videos have low light scenes such as club scenes or night locations. You need to consider the ability of your camera to achieve high quality even in low light shoots.

Image Stabilization

Stabilization will help reduce shakiness of your video. It is also important in photography, but for video it is crucial for a longer span of time. A shaky camera will result to blurry and low quality output.


You need to consider your budget but keep a balance with the desired quality

Best Cameras For Music Videos Shooting

  1. Canon EOS Rebel Best beginner Camera For Music Videos
  2. Nikon D5200 24.1 MP Best cheap Camera For Music Videos
  3. Canon EOS 5D Best Professional level Camera For Music Videos
  4. Sony Alpha A6500 Best Sony Camera for Music Video
  5. GoPro Hero5 Best underwater Camera For Music Videos

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