Elly Kamau

Elly Kamau is a trainer at just kreative designs. After beginning her career in Training Graphic Design and digital art in Kenya, Elly joined our team as a digital online trainer for graphic design. Since then, she's worked as Digital artist, Digital content creator on art and Graphic design including CAD Arts, Painting & Drawing

How Does a Graphics Tablet Work

We’ve all seen how graphics tablets can be used to create amazing artwork, but do you know what’s powering the magic? It turns out these incredible devices rely on a blend of advanced tech and some clever engineering.  Tune in as we dive into this mysterious world and explore the science behind graphics tablet technology. …

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How to set up Apple Pencil

The first step in using the Apple Pencil is connecting it to your iPad. The second generation Apple Pencil is one of the best in the industry. In this guide I will show you How to set up Apple Pencil. As you all are aware there are 2 versions of Apple Pencils. Both pencils have …

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