Denis Maina

Denis Maina is a highly experienced and skilled graphic designer with a strong focus on Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator. He specializes in creating a wide range of design materials such as business cards, stationery, logos, flyers, posters, banner ads, brochures, PSD templates and other graphics. With an eye for detail and a dedication to bringing clients' ideas to life, Denis is the perfect choice for any design project.

Best Drawing Tablet Stands in 2023

A large-screen tablet will provide a great and comfortable user experience when drawing. However, it is almost impossible to use large tablets without Drawing Tablet Stands. Drawing tablet brands have increased in recent years with many new brands creating quality devices for very cheap prices. Equally, they have continuously gone ahead to create accessories necessary …

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Best Drawing Pads For Mac in 2023

The digital arts industry has evolved in such a fantastic way. From the era of rough sketches and now jaw-dropping paintings. And even though we know that the era of Paint.exe is long gone, achieving these smooth cute creations with just a mouse is impractical.  As a digital illustrator, you must arm yourself with an …

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The 8 Best Cameras Under 400$ in 2023

With high-end cameras in the market carrying a hefty price tag, getting the best cameras under 400$ might feel impossible.  Surprisingly, there are many good cameras with incredible features under $400.  Just like phone brands, camera manufacturers are doing their best to give their customers high-quality yet affordable cameras. The only thing you need to …

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