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How can you add a Printer to iPads or iPhones?

In this article, I will show you How to add a Printer to iPads and iPhones. There are a number of methods you can use if you want to connect your iPad to Printer.

Basically, you can connect your iPad using wired or wireless means.  Here are both options explained below.

Connecting a Printer to iPads or iPhones

When connecting a printer to an iPad, you can either use wired or wiireless methods. Both methods will help you print directly from your iPad.

  1. Using AirPrint
  2. Using third party applications
  3. Using Google Cloud

How to Connect my Printer to iPad Using AirPrint

Airprint is not an installable application that you can add from your normal application store. It is a function like Airdrop that allows iPads to connect to printers.

One key consideration factor you need to note is check whether your printer is compatible with Airprint otherwise it will not work.

When using the Airprint option, simply click share on the content you want to print. As long as both the printer and iPad are on the same network, the printer will appear on the drop down menu.

How to Connect an iPad to Printer Without AirPrint

If your printer does not support Airprint, you can use your printer’s manufactured applications to connect the iPad to your printer.

Most reputable printer manufacturers offer the application to run the printer on purchase. If not, you can go to the app store and look for the printer’s brand name. 

Download and install the application to your iPad. After you run the application, it will guide you through connecting it to the printer.

Alternatively, there are some third party applications that you can use to do the same thing. A good example is Printer Pro and PrintCentral.

How to Connect an iPad to Printer Using Google Cloud

If all the above do not work for you, you can use your Gmail account to print. First you need to install Google Chrome on your iPad and sign up to Google Cloud Print using your Gmail. 

Wired methods to add a Printer to iPads

On some printers, you can connect the printer to the iPad directly using a USB Printing Cable. With this, just like the Airprint option, you have to check whether the printer supports this function before you buy.

To connect you will need a Lightning to USB adapter plus a USB printer cable. You can get both on Amazon for around 10$ each.


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  1. Can you connect an iPad to Printer without Air Print?

    Yes, it is possible to connect an iPad to Printer without using Air Print. You can connect using a USB Printing Cable, WIFI connection, third party plugins or Using Google Cloud.

  2. How can you Add Unsupported Printers to Your iPad?

    If your printer does not support Air Print, you will not be able to directly add it to your iPad. However, you can always achieve the same results using a third party plugin or Google cloud.