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denis maina kamau

Hi, My name is Denis Maina. I am a graphic designer specializing in Graphic Design and digital illustration. I use a number of software in my work but my favorite is Adobe Illustrator.

Currently, I work as a freelance Graphic Designer and artist and enjoy creating new designs and art for various clients.

Starting out as a graphic designer was not easy. I decided to apply my experience to create a resource for new and enthusiastic graphic designers who wish to learn how to pursue this career path professionally. So I came up with Just Creative Designs also justcreativek.

Just Creative Designs is made up of a group of individuals specialized in digital art, Graphic Design, and Branding photo editing. Just Creative Designs is where we share our viewpoints on common tools we use in our daily work.

Our team hopes to help you find the right tools for your design needs. We carry out detailed research, interview professionals, and test, saving you lots of time selecting the correct gear.

We test the products in-house or interview various experts on their favorite tools. Having grown from a humble beginning, we take special pride in our work and are very proud of the reader base we have been able to grow so far.

How to Hire Us for Your Project

We offer Digital Illustration and General Graphic Design services for clients on our site and on Fiverr too. Here are some of our Client Reviews. Just contact us for a quick quote.

To keep things transparent, we do not have any preference for any specific brand and our reviews are totally unbiased. We started by offering our services on Fiverr before starting out on the site. We highly value our readers and clients so feel free to contact us.

Write to our content manager: [email protected]. Social Media: Pinterest, YouTube, Facebook

Our Services and Portfolio

You can visit our contacts page and talk to us about your project. Alternatively, you can visit our top freelance gigs on Fiverr. Here are the latest services that we offer.

I will help you learn graphic design illustrator

Learn Graphic Design

Justcreativek portfolio

Welcome to our Creative Graphic Design Portfolio. Here we will feature some samples of our previous projects and you can order similar projects for your brand or business.

For any inquiries, chat with us via email or WhatsApp on our contacts page.  For more samples of our work, check out our Pinterest

Scroll to the bottom to inquire on WhatsApp, or visit our Contacts Page.

General Graphic Design

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Web banners
Justcreative portfolio
Vector Line art
Justcreative portfolio
Vector Line art

Our Team

About Us

Elly Kamau is a trainer at Just Kreative Designs. After beginning her career in Training Graphic Design and digital art in Kenya, Elly joined our team as a digital online trainer for graphic design.

Since then, she’s worked as a Digital artist and digital content creator on art and Graphic design including CAD Arts, Painting, and drawing

denis maina kamau

Denis Maina is a highly experienced and skilled graphic designer with a strong focus on Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator.

He specializes in creating a wide range of design materials such as business cards, stationery, logos, flyers, posters, banner ads, brochures, PSD templates, and other graphics. With an eye for detail and a dedication to bringing clients’ ideas to life,

Denis is the perfect choice for any design project.

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